Special Projects

We’d like to introduce you to some symbolic projects that embody our business concepts.

  • MDNA SKIN Project
  • Athlete Project
  • General Incorporated Association Fine Bubble Industries Association


MDNA SKIN is a joint project between Madonna and MTG.
MDNA SKIN is a skincare brand that combines MTG's cutting edge technology with natural ingredients specially authorized for use by Italy's Montecatini Terme, a region renowned throughout the world for its mineral-rich hot springs.
MDNA SKIN provides unique, innovative skincare methods aimed at leading your skin to its utmost beauty.


Athlete Project

The Athlete Project is a project developed in conjunction with athletes, which aims to support people’s lives and contribute to society by taking advantage of the experiences of the athletes themselves and the wisdom they’ve gained from competition. We will take advantage of the knowhow of beauty and health equipment makers as we take on the joint development of new products and various initiatives and contribute to the future of sport.

General Incorporated Association Fine Bubble Industries Association

Cosme Treatment Shower Obleu takes advantage of micro-bubble technology developed in Japan. We developed our own unique generation technology called “spiral cavitation structure”. We founded and participate in the general incorporate association Fine Bubble Industries Association in order to encourage the international standardization of the innovative technology developed in Japan, called “micro-bubble technology”. Through this we endeavor to develop a healthy market and promote the industry as a whole.

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