Quality Assurance Activities

Unrelenting Pursuit of Quality

Our mission at MTG is to deliver our passion to customers as we exceed their expectations―all under the themes of beauty and health. As such, we believe the quality and safety of our products are of paramount importance. In the interest of delivering safe products with excellent quality, we work to ensure reliability at every stage, from development to after sales.

Structure of R&D System that Permits No Compromises

We created an internal organization called the Advisory Committee, composed of leaders of major manufacturers’ engineering divisions. The members, registered as Development Advisors, are renowned within their respective fields in Japan. In order to achieve each function at a high level, whether planning, development, design, or quality control, we set up a Review Board, composed of external professionals invited to advise on each step of the development process. With our advisors checking our processes, we work to continually improve quality, whilst always reviewing past lessons learnt on production quality.

Speedy Implementation of Customer Feedback into Improvement Initiatives

Every week we hold a Joint Quality Meeting, which pulls relevant people from our Customer Service Center, product development department and quality assurance department; the group hears the comments we receive from customers about our products and services and we work to reflect them quickly, appropriately and faithfully into the process of developing and alteration of products.

Report on Quality Assurance Activities

MTG makes objective and rigorous evaluations of the efficacy and effectiveness of our products. We can continue to provide products with high added-value that please our customers.

Biological Test Results for ReFa

Biological Test Results for PLOSION