April 2017

Notice of Change to our Corporate Logo

In anticipation of further business expansion and global development of our company, MTG Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi Pref.; President: Tsuyoshi Matsushita) has decided to change our corporate logo. We will phase in the new logo starting from April 24, 2017.

MTG will continue to pursue the unlimited possibilities inherent in our slogan “We have many dreams,” as we take on challenges to leave strong impressions on our customers around the world that exceed their expectations.

New Corporate Logo

Meaning Inherent in our New Corporate Logo

“We pursue challenges and believe in the relentless progress of human beauty and strength.”

The logo itself gleams as an entity that shines a light over the world for the betterment of life—we cast a sparkling light on the entire silhouette and we designed a strong form whose presence is indicated with beautiful and soft curves, and a sharp outline. In just the same way that the individuality of each and every one of our employees with their own individual aspirations shines out, the tips of every single letter are unleashed in a free form like the leading edge of light.

In the hope of bringing further prosperity to the world, we will keep shining and illuminating across the globe, making contributions to society.