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Research Paper on Electrical Stimulation Featured in BMC Research Notes
The outcome of MTG's research on neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) - conducted jointly with Associate Professor Kohei Watanabe of the School of International Liberal Studies at Chukyo University, and Emeritus Professor Toshio Moritani of Kyoto University - have been published in BMC Research Notes.

[Article summary]
MTG's research focused on the effects of low-intensity NMES devices on the quadriceps femoris muscles. After trying various electrode positioning patterns for several NMES devices, evaluation of induced muscle strength revealed the single most effective electrode positioning for EMS training.

Complete Article:
"Effect of electrode position of low intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation on the evoked force in the quadriceps femoris muscle" [PDF:970KB]

MTG will continue to explore the potential of NMES devices via ongoing research and development of NMES application technology.

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