Concepts behind MTG Research and Development

We create new value that didn’t previously exist, under the theme of Innovation.

To MTG, what is important in R&D is spurring innovation that breaks through common assumptions. To that end, we have an uncompromising stance toward developing technologies in-house. However, we also proactively and frequently pursue collaboration with outside professionals and across industries. What counts is whether the customer is moved. We are not anchored down by preconceived notions and through this create new value.

1. Collaboration with Various Industry Key Leaders.

(1) Joint R&D with Universities

We link up with different universities according to the research theme and work together right from initial stages of research.

Joint Research between Industry and Academia
Professor Naokata Ishii Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences University of Tokyo
Muscular Physiology Science,
Comparative Physiology
Training Science,
Doctor of Science
Professor Toshio Moritani Emeritus Professor at Kyoto University
Visiting Professor at Kyoto Sangyo University
Visiting Professor at Chukyo University
Applied Physiology
Sports Science
Professor Kagemoto Yuasa Professor at the School of Health and Sport Science Chukyo University,
Doctor of Medicine
Physical Education/Environmental Physiology
Professor Genji Imokawa Visiting Professor at the Research Institute for Biological Functions Chubu University
Doctor of Medicine
Professor Toru Sugawara Invited Researcher at the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences at Waseda University
Professor Michio Ota Professor Emeritus/Specially-Appointed Professor at Nagoya University
Professor at Sugiyama Jogakuen University
Doctor of Medicine
(2) Collaboration with Medical Specialists and Experts

We endeavor to develop products based on evidence via supervision from medical specialists and other experts.

Medical Specialists
Hiroyuki Kobayashi Juntendo University, Department of Hospital Administration General Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Tomoko Okumura Shonan Beauty Clinic Shibuya, Clinic Chief
Member of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Member of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging
Wakako Suzuki Roppongi Skin Clinic, Director,
Beauty Dermatologist
Total Anti-Aging Research Society, Vice-Chair
Atsuko Yoshioka Binokaori Skin Care Clinic, Director
Beauty Dermatologist
Advisor in Chinese Medicine
Megumi Hattori Muscle Beautification Esthetician
Representative Director of Miroir Co., Ltd.
Head of Esthetic Salon Pearl.K
Head of Megumi Hattori School of Health and Esthetics
Takako KanzakiNPO Japan Sports Aroma Trainer Association, Vice Chair
Sakura Wellness Support, Director
Puremina Therapist School,
Naomitsu ImotoImoto Chiropractic, Director
Certified Instructor in Functional Training Judo Therapist
Certified in Preventive Care Exercise Judo Therapist
Certified Instructor in Healthy Posture Advising
Takeharu DaitoCENTRAL CHIROPRACTIC, Asst. Director Chiropractor
All Jukyo Chiropractic and Osteopathic Research Society, Instructor
Wellone Chiropractic Instructor
Kinesio Taping Association Instructor

2. Creating an Environment for Learning from Top-Class Experts

We created an internal advisory board, called the Advisory Committee, with 14 developers registered as Development Advisors. Within Japan, there are advisors  renowned in their respective fields, having served as managers of engineering divisions of major manufacturing companies. In the interest of ensuring our planning, R&D, design, quality control and intellectual property management are conducted at a high level, the various advisors consult with us and perform checks at developmental stages, while creating opportunities for us to learn from them. Similarly, we are building a training system that allows our people to receive direct technological instruction from consultants and to become top-class developers themselves.

3. Fusion Concept

In order to create innovative ideas, we think it is essential to achieve a fusion of different fields. By combining completely different fields, we can bring a world into view that has never been seen before. We will not be bound by preconceived ideas as we create new value via the interplay and fusion of cosmetics and beauty devices, as well as functionality and design, linking person to person, business to business, and company to company.