Technology Development Activities

We create innovative products using flexible concepts that are not bound by preconceived ideas.

In our pursuit of the “excitement of our customers”, we conduct both in-house technology development activities, as well as proactively promote initiatives between industry, government and academia, with collaboration of other fields. We will continue to take the challenge of developing new technologies with concepts that are not bound by fixed ways of thinking, and bring them to market faster than other companies.

Promoting Initiatives between Industry, Government and Academia

We endeavor to keep up-to-date with latest cutting-edge technology and information, as well as firm up our technological foundation via joint research with research organizations such as universities and 3rd party organizations. As the beauty devices market is a new industry, we have also committed ourselves to standardizing technologies and formulating standards. Due to this we receive support from the government in the interest of ensuring the efficacy and safety of technologies and products, while developing and expanding a healthy market.


Reports on Technology Development Activities

We would like to introduce some representative cases of technological development derived from links with industry, government and academia.

Presentation at Medical Conferences on the Verification of Efficacy of Exercise on Mimetic Muscles via Cooperation between a University and a Cosmetic Beauty Clinic

During the development of FACIAL FITNESS PAO, we found a dearth of data on verifying the effectiveness of training the mimetic muscles. We started off with basic research by collaborating with a university and a Cosmetic Beauty Clinic, which resulted in presenting twice in medical conferences. By actively carrying out this kind of verification work, we hope to promote a movement towards “training facial muscles”; which, in our hope, would subsequently lead to brighter faces around the world!

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General Incorporated Association Fine Bubble Industries Association

Cosme Treatment Shower Obleu takes advantage of micro-bubble technology developed in Japan. We developed our own unique generation technology called spiral cavitation structure. We founded and participate in the general incorporate association Fine Bubble Industries Association in order to encourage the international standardization of the innovative technology developed in Japan called “micro-bubble technology”, as well as develop a healthy market and hasten the industry as a whole.

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