Management System

Group Management System

Our group management system consists of our management method of breaking the organization down into profit centers and clarifying income by conducting management on the basis of a division-based profit system. This is directly linked to the market/channel of the division. By doing so, we foster leaders with managerial awareness in all departments, and achieve “management by all”, in which all employees take part with a manager’s mindset.

The purposes of our group management system can be broadly broken down into the following 3 points.

1. Establish a division-based profit system which is directly linked to the market.
Maximizing sales and minimizing costs is the guiding principle of company management.
In the interest of implementing this principle throughout the entire company, we break the organization down into profit centers, and manage profitability on a division basis with an adaptive form of management that can respond immediately to movements in the market.
2. Foster personnel with management awareness (forming a collection of self-reliant individuals)
We break the organization down into profit centers as needed and reorganize them as a group of small companies.
By entrusting the management of each profit center to its leaders, we will foster personnel with management awareness.
3.Achieve “management by all” based on MTG Philosophy
We achieve “management by all” by getting all employees to participate in management, work together to develop the company, as well as work with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.