We have many dreams MTG

MTG is a brand development company.

We are committed to bringing wonder and excitement to the world through the brands that we create.
For every brand that we develop,
we integrate diverse elements to form a truly unique worldview that you cannot find anywhere else.

While in-house development is one of the keys to our success,
we also collaborate with top universities and research institutions all over the world to create revolutionary new products.

From the bold designs and state-of-the-art technology that inform our product development process to the way we develop our brand stories and marketing strategies,
we have been expanding our business on a global scale.
Today, our newest brand is bringing wonder and excitement to the world
– and steadily advancing toward becoming a global brand.

Our mission is to bring hopes and dreams to people all over the world through our family of MTG brands
– all of which are proudly made in Japan.