Message from the President

Bringing JAPAN BRAND to the world

In recent years, through travelling abroad, I have noticed the loss of the international image that Japan once had. Even in industries that Japanese manufacturers used to lead, I regrettably feel that the circumstances have come to the fact that rising companies from around Asia are surpassing Japan’s own. In reducing this image of a comparative decline in Japan’s competitiveness, I want to promote the Japan Brand around the world.

MTG’s forte lies in our ability to strategically combine our strengths in creation, technology, branding and marketing. While it may be easy to overlook many, Japan still does have a lot of untapped “jewels”. These do not just include currently developed innovations and products, but also those that are extending into various fields such as precision technology, individuals’ capabilities, climate and environment, customs and culture. MTG brings together these amazing ideals to create new value. By collaboration across fields, such as industry, academia and government, we have become internationally renowned for our efforts. Again here, my meaning is not just developing things to provide a function, I am conveying the background behind the creation and concept of each product i.e. the thoughts and sentiment that go into them; a story, of what kind of experience the customer will get that develops out of using each product. Furthermore, via this, as well as our moving designs, we will continue to deliver brands and products that leave long lasting impressions on users.
By leveraging these strengths, we can market effectively, aggressively expand both at home and abroad, achieve optimal market development, and raise value awareness and product promotion accordingly. Due to our clear intent and unshaken determination, we continue in the development of brands that are loved by our customers; from Japan, to Asia and consequently to the rest of the world. We, at MTG, have a global focus and aim to be an enterprise that the world needs; one that combines creation, technology, branding and marketing; that Japan can boast of in the domains of Beauty and Wellness; a company that creates awe-inspiring brands which we deliver to the world.

One shine, We shine, All shine.
Just as our management philosophy says, we will continue taking on the challenge of bringing prosperity to the world and making large contributions to society.
So, Everyone, you should be expecting a lot coming from MTG in the future.

President  Tsuyoshi Matsushita