Management System

MTG Group Management SystemGroup Management

We have established a management system whereby the organization is broken down into profit centers (PCs) and profit is made fully visible through an independent accounting system.
This fosters leaders with managerial awareness and realizes our ideal that "All Participate in Management", a system in which all employees take part in management.

  • Independent Accounting System that is directly linked to the market

    Maximizing sales and minimizing costs are the guiding principles of company management. In the interests of implementing these principles throughout the entire organization, we have adopted an independent accounting system, in which we break the organization down into profit centers, and manage profitability by means of trend-adaptive management that can respond immediately to movements in the market.

  • Fostering human resources with managerial awareness

    We break the organization down into profit centers as needed and reorganize them as if they were a group of small companies. By entrusting the management of each profit center to its leaders, we foster personnel with managerial awareness.

  • Implementing "All Participate in Management"

    We achieve "All Participate in Management" by getting all employees to work together in managing the company in order to help it grow, thereby enabling them to work with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Adopting fair and just evaluation methods based on our common philosophy

We offer opportunities for Management Presentations, on the basis of whose results a profit center, part of the core of the group management system, may be internally approved.
Once an employee’s’ own division has been approved as an independent entity which creates profit for the company, the management challenges and individual employees’ responsibilities become clear.

  • The division leader gives presentations on their own division's profit goals, etc. to all the company's board members and other evaluators.

  • Once approval has been given after a successful defense has been mounted to a number of questions, the division is recognized as a profit center and the division leader is appointed as profit center leader.

  • he honor of having been recognized as a profit center leader empowers employees more than anything else.

MTG's strength lies in employees’ divisions being recognized as profit centers and being a team who takes pride in being evaluated fairly and justly.
The company's philosophy is also there as employees' belief, which forms the basis of development of MTG as a whole.
This establishes a living management system that goes far beyond mere company structures and mechanisms.