Handling of Personal Information

Enactment date: April 1, 2015
President Tsuyoshi Matsushita
MTG Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

MTG Co., Ltd. conducts business in the planning, development, manufacture and sale of beauty devices, cosmetics and health equipment under the concept of “One shine, We shine, All shine” via our beauty and health products and services. In the conduct of our business activities, we believe we have a social responsibility to handle personal information properly and we take the following measures to ensure we fulfill that duty.

1. Gathering, Usage & Provision of Personal Information

We shall properly obtain, use and share the personal information of employees and the personal information handled in all our business activities, and we will not handle personal information beyond the extent needed to achieve the specific purpose of using it. We will obtain the consent of the person involved prior to handling personal information beyond the purpose of such use.

2. Laws, Regulations and Norms on Personal Information

We follow the laws and regulations established by the state and other norms regarding the use of personal information.

3. Secure Control of Personal Information

We take reasonable measures to prevent and correct any unauthorized access to personal information, as well as leaks, loss, destruction, falsification, or damage thereof.

4. Complaints and Inquiries about Personal Information

We shall respond promptly to any complaints or inquiries about personal information.

5. Efforts to Protect Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Management System)

In the interest of providing appropriate protection of your personal information, we are constantly reviewing our measures and improving them.

<Inquiries on Privacy Policy>
Personal Information Privacy Manager, Administration Department, MTG Co., Ltd.
TEL: 052-481-1279
FAX: 052-481-1124
Email: p-info@mtg.gr.jp

Handling of Personal Information

1. We use personal information for the following purposes.

  • (1) For shipping products via the post.
  • (2) For providing information about various campaigns, new products, etc. via methods such as post, phone and/or email.
  • (3) If we need to ask you or confirm something about our various services, such as inspections, repairs, exchange, etc., then we will contact you via methods such as post, phone and/or email.
  • (4) For conducting questionnaires in the interest of product development or improving customer satisfaction.
  • (5) For issuing warranty certificates, providing warranty service and providing various membership services.
  • (6) For contacting applicants for employment (including internships), providing employment information, and for conducting employment management.
  • (7) For managing employees.
  • (8) For consigning some business to 3rd parties in the course of providing services.
  • (9) If it is necessary to gain the permission of an individual in order to use his/her personal information for another purpose, then we will contact him/her via methods such as post, phone and/or email.

2. Please contact us as below with questions about our personal information privacy policies, or for complaints about our notification or disclosure of the purposes of use of personal information, alteration, additions or deletion of content thereof, termination or interruption of use, termination of provision to 3rd parties, or handling of personal information.

<Contacts about Personal Information>
Inquiries about the MTG Online Shop:
MTG Co., Ltd.  Online Shop Customer Service
TEL: 0120-467-222

Inquiries about how to use, inspections, malfunctions and/or repairs to our products:
MTG Co., Ltd.  Customer Service
TEL: 0120-315-332

Inquiries about FORMA VITA store information:
MTG Co., Ltd.  FORMA VITA Customer Service
TEL: 0120-322-292

Inquiries about career opportunities:
MTG Co., Ltd.  Human Resources Planning Division:
TEL: 052-481-1198

Inquiries about Kirala home water delivery:
MTG Co., Ltd.  Kirala Customer Service
TEL: 0120-032-325