Social Media Policy

Date of establishment: November 19, 2019

MTG Co., Ltd. and MTG group companies (hereinafter referred to as "MTG Group") shall comply with the following social media policy with regard to the operation of the social media official account and use of social media by the employees of the MTG Group. Social media means media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and blogs, etc. which can be used to share information with an unspecified large number of people (hereinafter referred to as "Users") through the Internet.

Basic policy with regard to the operation of the official account

In bearing communication with the stakeholders through social media in mind, our company shall aim to improve stakeholders' satisfaction and trust concerning the MTG Group and the brands in the MTG Group's possession. We shall participate in social media for the following three purposes in particular.

  • To let more stakeholders know of the products and services of the MTG Group and the brands that are in the MTG Group's possession;
  • To let more stakeholders know of our passion toward the products and services of the MTG Group and the brands in the MTG Group's possession;
  • To listen to stakeholders' opinions and impressions regarding the MTG Group and the brands in the MTG Groups' possession, in order to have a deep understanding of what products and services are truly demanded by the stakeholders.
The right attitude for participating in social media

MTG Group participates in social media with moderation as sensible persons, by understanding and acknowledging that social media provides opportunities for communication on a basis for making connections between individuals, and that information is publicly released to the world which cannot be completely deleted once released.

  • MTG Group employees shall comply with not only the national/local laws and regulations, but also our internal rules under the company philosophy of MTG Co., Ltd.—"One shines, We shine, All shines"—regardless of the organization they belong to or the form of their employment.
  • In order to provide the participating stakeholders with more beneficial experiences, we shall listen to their voices and proactively provide them with information.
  • We shall pay special attention to the details and method to release information in order to avoid providing wrong information and misleading the stakeholders.
  • If we release wrong information or give a misleading expression to the stakeholders through social media, we shall immediately apologize and correct them.
  • Without falsifying our identities, we shall provide information and communicate with the stakeholders as sensible persons.
  • We shall follow the rules of each social media platform which are established and operated by third parties, and shall respect their culture and manners.
  • We shall respect third parties' rights such as intellectual property rights and privacy rights, etc., and shall give our full attention in order to not harm their reputations.
  • The information released by the official account of the MTG Group and brands in the MTG Group's possession shall not necessarily represent our official views and announcements. We shall release our official announcements and views through our websites and press releases.
  • The information provided by Users through the official accounts of the brands that are in the MTG Group's possession shall not be assured or authorized by the MTG Group. Therefore, the MTG Group shall be in no way responsible for any damage incurred by Users, owing to placing trust in the content of the information.
  • All copyrights (including the rights stipulated in the Copyright Act, Articles 27 and 28) concerning any information posted by Users through the official account of the MTG Group shall belong to the MTG Group. In addition, the Users shall not exercise moral rights of authors in this regard. The Users shall not be able to make a claim for any compensation for the attribution and nonuse of the rights.
  • The MTG Group expects Users not to post the following content. In the event that Users violate any of the items below, we shall be able to delete the corresponding Users' content and take other necessary countermeasures depending on the state and degree, etc. of the violation without any prior notification.

    1. (1)Any act that will or may infringe on the rights or property of the MTG Group, other Users, and third parties;
    2. (2)Any act that will slander the MTG Group, other Users, third parties, or their products and services, etc., and any act of posting groundless information without credibility;
    3. (3)Any act that will infringe on the privacy of other Users or third parties by posting their personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses, etc.;
    4. (4)Any act that will engage in activities concerning the propagation or inducement, etc. of particular religions, organizations, and groups;
    5. (5)Any act that will use the information provided by our company for any commercial purpose without our permission;
    6. (6)Any act that will use harmful computer programs, or send, and post forged files, etc.;
    7. (7)Any act that will or may infringe on public orders and morals or laws and regulations;
    8. (8)Any act that will or may lead to criminal activities;
    9. (9)Any other act on social media that is deemed to be inappropriate by our company.
  • The MTG Group may change the social media policy without the consent of Users. Updated social media policy shall become effective as it appears on our website.