Intellectual Property Activities

Steadily raising the value created by our corporate activities to a superior level

MTG has grown as a planning and development-oriented company that pioneers new markets and develops new customers with products that incorporate our proprietary technologies. In this way, we steadily raise the value created by all our corporate activities to a superior level through our intellectual property activities.


Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry's 2014 Intellectual Property Achievement Award

MTG was publicly recognized by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as an outstanding company in terms of utilizing good design when we received METI and the Patent Office’s 2014 Intellectual Property Achievement Award. It recognized our proactive stance toward utilizing the design system, such as our efforts in garnering and utilizing design rights.

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Prevailed in Patent Infringement Suit over ReFa CARAT

MTG sued YA-MAN, Ltd. over patent infringement related to Platinum Tornado EMS and Platinum White Tornado Roller EMS, and sought an injunction on the manufacture and sale of their products. On September 25th, 2014, the Tokyo District Court rendered its decision to the effect that YA-MAN, Ltd. was enjoined from the manufacture and sales of such products.

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Efforts to Support Business and Protect Consumers by Eliminating Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit goods have spread greatly via the Internet due to the proliferation of IT technologies in recent years.
MTG products have not been immune to the damage from counterfeit goods. In order to protect our customers from harm from forgeries, as well as to protect our product brands and enhance their value, we have been endeavoring to eliminate counterfeit goods.
We have been working with law enforcement authorities to eradicate counterfeit products by unmasking manufacturers and sales outlets of counterfeit goods, as well as via injunctions of Customs, and monitoring and eliminating them on the Internet.

Intellectual Property Activities Report