Disclosure Policy

Criteria for Information Disclosure

Our company aims to achieve "transparent management" and is committed to actively disclosing information as a basic policy. In order to meet the high demand for information disclosure from stakeholders, including shareholders, we comply with the timely disclosure rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Disclosure Rules") and actively engage in proactive information disclosure to enhance trust and understanding of our company.

Information Disclosure System

Regarding information disclosure, we discuss the identification of important information and whether it falls under important facts to be disclosed in the Disclosure Committee established in accordance with the disclosure regulations. The committee is chaired by a director in charge of the administrative department and consists of the head of the management planning office, the head of the finance and accounting department, the head of the management administration department, and the head of the IR department. The committee has the responsibility to make decisions on important information and to identify important information.

Definition of Disclosure Information

  1. Our company defines "important information" as information that contributes to promoting understanding of our company by all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and the local community, and enhances the reliability of our company and its appropriate evaluation. This includes statutory disclosure information, timely disclosure information, and information that does not fall under these categories but is determined by the board of directors to achieve the purpose of the disclosure regulations, as well as information that may have a significant impact on our financial condition or external evaluation.

    1. Statutory Disclosure Information
      Information required to be disclosed by domestic securities-related laws and regulations.

    2. Timely Disclosure Information
      Information required to be disclosed by the rules of domestic stock exchanges where our company's shares are listed.

    3. Other Important Information
      Information that does not fall under (1) or (2) but is determined by the board of directors to achieve the purpose of this regulation, as well as information that may have a significant impact on our financial condition or external evaluation.

  2. This regulation applies to all employees of our company.

Methods of Information Disclosure

Disclosure of information that falls under the disclosure rules will be made through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) and published on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's website (referred to as the "Exchange Website"). Additionally, information that is not subject to the disclosure rules but is deemed necessary for shareholders and investors will be actively disclosed.
In disclosing information, we will strive to avoid selectively disclosing undisclosed material information to specific institutions or individuals and aim for fair and timely disclosure. In the event of important company information arising, we will promptly report it to the stock exchange and disclose it to the public in a timely manner.
Depending on the content of the information, we will disclose it appropriately through TDnet, the website, press releases, briefings, printed materials, etc. Please note that different expressions may be used depending on the method of disclosure.

Information Disclosure Process

Timely Disclosure Workflow for Determining Facts and Occurrences

Constructive dialog with shareholders and investors

The Chairman of the Disclosure Committee oversees the IR activities of the MTG Group and seeks to maintain a constructive dialog with shareholders and investors.
In order to maintain an in-depth and constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors about the MTG Group, including its corporate philosophy, management policies, business and brand strategies, and financial condition, the IR department works closely with the sales, development and administrative departments to understand and collect not only financial information but also non-financial information. The IR department works closely with the sales, development and administrative departments to understand and gather not only financial information, but also non-financial information.
In addition to one-on-one meetings with analysts and institutional investors, the Company holds financial results briefings and semi-annual management policy briefings by representative directors. The meetings are webcast on demand on the Company's IR website to facilitate communication with individual investors.
The IR Department provides a forum for regular monthly reports to the Representative Director and quarterly reports to the Board of Directors on the opinions, etc. obtained through the dialog.

Spokesperson for IR activities 

The General Manager of the Corporate Planning Office serves as the executive officer in charge of IR, and the IR Department has been established as a dedicated department within the Corporate Planning Office.

Prevention of Insider Trading

When corporate information covered by the disclosure rules is posted on the Exchange's website via TDnet, the public disclosure measures under the insider trading regulations are completed. We will post on our website any company information subject to the Disclosure Rules and any material company information that we consider to be relevant to investment decisions immediately after it is posted on the Exchange's website.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of financial results (including quarterly results) and to ensure fairness, we observe a quiet period from 10 business days prior to the announcement of financial results until the day of the announcement. During this period, we refrain from answering questions or commenting on financial results and guidance. However, if during this quiet period we anticipate a material deviation from our earnings guidance, we will make an appropriate public announcement in accordance with our disclosure rules and our own disclosure standards.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties and Earnings Forecasts by Third Parties

In individual meetings with institutional investors, analysts, etc., we will only refer to information that has already been disclosed, is well known, or is relevant to the general business environment. The Company assumes no responsibility for any forecasts or comments made by third parties regarding the Company.


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