Litigation Examples

Petition for Order of Provisional Disposition to Korean Court

MTG filed a petition for the order of a provisional disposition seeking the injunction of sales of a design counterfeit of our ReFa for BODY distributed by a company in a suburb of Seoul, Korea. The court accepted our petition and court enforcement officers entered the counterfeiter's premises and seized approx. 270 counterfeit units to retain as evidence.

  • An enforcement official explaining the situation to staff at the counterfeiter's

  • Finding relevant counterfeits

  • Seized ReFa for BODY counterfeits

Raid by the local authorities and litigation in China

A raid on a company producing a design counterfeit of our ReFa EXE for men in Guangdong Province, China was conducted by the local authorities. The officials entered the counterfeiter's premises and found approx. 1500 counterfeit units. At a later date, an infringement was determined to have taken place. A lawsuit was then filed in the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court.

  • Officials entering the counterfeiter's premises and detecting approx. 1500 counterfeit units of the product

Precautions against counterfeits

Raid, Litigation and Confiscation Examples


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