Intellectual Property and Anti-Counterfeiting

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As of October 2022

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Intellectual property activities are essential to protect MTG's business, brand, and products.

Properly safeguarding intellectual property generated during research and development and actively utilizing the created intellectual property rights are our mission, and anti-counterfeiting efforts are part of it.

We will continue to work on intellectual property activities, always respecting the intellectual property rights of others, to ensure that our customers can use our products with confidence.

Notice Regarding Intellectual Property and Counterfeit Measures

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Initiatives Against Copies and Counterfeits

From Warnings to Lawsuits:
Utilizing "Intellectual Property Rights"


To protect customers from health risks posed by counterfeit products.

Tsuyoshi Matsushita

In recent years, as global e-commerce rapidly expands, the problem of counterfeit goods has spread worldwide through the Internet, with tactics becoming more sophisticated and malicious. Counterfeit products, exemplified by copies, not only lead to potential market loss and a decline in brand image but also pose the risk of health hazards due to inferior quality for customers.

We maintain a strong stance of "absolutely not tolerating counterfeits" to protect customers from the dangers of these malicious counterfeit products. To ensure customers can use our products with peace of mind, we will actively work to eradicate counterfeits on a global scale.

Caution Regarding Fraudulent Websites

Caution Regarding Copy Products

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