Cunning Style counterfeits are in circulation.
Extreme caution is urged!

In September 2016, MTG detected counterfeits of our Body Make Seat Style with a very similar shape to that of our product.
With these counterfeits, in addition to their shapes, the entire products including the packaging, instruction manuals, and accessories, were reproduced with high precision. They were almost indistinguishable from our genuine products, and were therefore a malicious counterfeit products.

However, those products were found to be of different specifications and quality from our genuine products in that, for example, the fabrics applied to the surface of the seat was partially peeled off and the stitch lines on the seat cover were not even.

In addition, we located the production site of the counterfeits through our own independent investigations. The products were being produced and stored in an environment where safety, hygiene, etc. were compromised (see photos below). MTG fears that product inspections such as needle detection are not properly performed on such counterfeits and that the use of such products can potentially cause health problems for users.

MTG takes robust legal action including civil and criminal action against illicit dealers and manufacturers who handle such counterfeits. Meanwhile, we recommend customers purchase our products at our authorized stores as a proactive measure to prevent such problems.

Differences Between Our Body Make Seat Style and Counterfeits

  • Genuine Product

  • Counterfeit


Photos of Counterfeit Production Site

Precautions against counterfeits

Raid, Litigation and Confiscation Examples


Please read the FAQ page. If you have further anti-counterfeiting related questions,
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