Warning about fraudulent websites

Recently, We have confirmed the existence of several so-called fraudulent websites
that claim to be "official MTG" but have nothing to do with our company.

Testimonials from our customers

Customer's Voice 1

I clicked on an Internet advertisement that said the price was 8,960 yen, limited to the first 100 customers, and when I clicked on the link, I was directed to what looked like an official MTG page. The product that arrived was obviously a fake. There was no guarantee card.

Customer's Voice 2

I saw an ad on Instagram that said "mtg official refill outlet first 100 customers only" and it was priced at 8,980 yen, so I bought it COD and received a fake.

Customer's Voice 3

ReFa CARAT is selling for 6,900 yen on the Internet, but I want you to check if it is genuine.

Customer's Voice 4

I saw a set of Abs Fit 2 and Body Fit 2 for sale on Facebook the other day for the set price of 8,660 yen.

Examples of actual scam sites

Scam Site Characteristics

The following are some examples of the characteristics of fraudulent websites that we have observed.

  • The price is unnaturally low, even though the site claims to be an "MTG flagship store" or "official MTG store.
  • There are descriptions such as "trial price for the first XX number of customers.
  • The site sells a combination of our official images and non-official images.

We are taking firm legal action against such malicious fraudulent websites, including not only the deletion of the website but also criminal prosecution, but we recommend that customers take extra precautions and purchase from an authorized retailer to prevent damage.

Caution Regarding Fraudulent Websites

Caution Regarding Copy Products

Cases of Seizures, Lawsuits, and Injunctions


For inquiries about anti-counterfeiting measures, please review the frequently asked questions
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