Each one of MTG's brands embodies a philosophy, story, and mission.
Unique worlds are built out of these elements, so that what we deliver to the world are not mere products, but entire brands.
One thing that all our brands have in common is that each one of them is created from the pursuit of authenticity.


Every brand carries out its mission n a series of stages.

Every brand aims to become a presence that can contribute to society,
that makes the most of its individual features,
and that has strong belief in itself as a top brand.

  • Story

    A compelling story that transcends country
    and regional boundaries


    Truly unique products

    We place particular emphasis on the process of creation, in order to produce truly unique products.
    Every step from the moment the product is born,
    to when the customer takes it in their hand is planned without compromise to achieve original functionality and excellent comfort for the user.


    Establishing true brands
    that are not merely collections of items

    We approach each and every product with sincerity in order to establish true brands,
    and we work to obtain an appreciation of their true value among every stakeholder.
    This is the basis upon which we establish our brands and aim to share their value.


Visuals that clearly convey the world
views behind our brands

We create beautiful, fascinating visuals that captivate people at first sight.
MTG is committed to every single visual aspect of our brands,
and with modes of expression that exhaustively convey the world views behind the brands,
we strive to ensure that our final products generate a clear sense of brand identity.