Our R&D Structure and
Promise to Quality

In-House Development

In the realm of Beauty & Wellness, our mission is to surpass the customer’s expectation and deliver moments of delight, excitement and happiness.
To stay true to this mission, we conduct extensive research and development every day, exhausting every angle, in a way that’s truly unique to MTG.

  • In-House Design

    Applying the latest technology to design

    MTG transcends conventional standards of design by leveraging the latest technologies. There is no room for compromise as we strive to develop products that have not only excellent functionality, but also beautiful form.

Advisory Board

Establishing a think tank of progressive tech developers

MTG’s Advisory Board contains a large number of developers who have served as managers of technology divisions in several leading Japanese companies.
These top-level thinkers provide MTG with the opportunities and insights that have made us stand out from other companies in the beauty and wellness field.

The Structure of our No-compromise R&D System

MTG retains as Development Advisors a large number of engineers who are renowned in Japan.
The Advisory Committee, our internal group of Development Advisors composed of individuals who have led the engineering departments of major manufacturers, is a high standard organization that
has no parallel in any other companies, and is a source of great pride.
Furthermore, in order to achieve excellence in all aspects, whether it be planning, development, design, or quality, we have set up Review Boards for each step of the development process.
With external professionals including our advisors checking our processes, and through applying past lessons learned to our products, we work to continually improve the quality.

  • Establish Design Specifications

  • Basic Design

  • Detailed Design

  • Design Review Board

  • Mold Ordering and Design

  • Trial Assembly

  • Product Review Board

  • Mass Production Trial

  • Evaluation Test

  • Production Review Board

  • Mass Production

  • 1st Lot Assessment Board

  • Release

Quality Assurance Activities

Our mission at MTG is to not just to exceed the expectations of our beauty and wellness customers; we want to wow them.
As such, we believe that the quality and safety of our products are of paramount importance.
In the interest of delivering safe products of excellent quality, we work to ensure reliability at every stage, from development to after-sales service.

Speedy Implementation of Customer Feedback into Improvement Initiatives

Every week we hold a Joint Quality Meeting, which pulls relevant people from our Customer Service Center, Product Development Department and Quality Assurance Department; the group hears the comments we receive from customers about our products and services and we work to reflect them quickly, appropriately and faithfully in product development and alteration.

Meetings are held periodically with participation from the management and representatives from each of the departments, which facilitates quick and appropriate responses.