Our corporate philosophy is "One shine, We shine, All shines.” The "All" in the phrase "All shines" refers to society as a whole, and our goal is to contribute to the progress and development of human society and enrich the lives of people around the world in a healthy way, while taking care of a sustainable global environment.

In an era of drastic changes in lifestyles and values, such as rapid lifestyle changes due to pandemics, we will continue to develop the best brands and products to help each and every customer realize a life full of vitality, "VITAL LIFE "Realization of healthy, beautiful and vibrant lives for people around the world" is our business vision.

By realizing our corporate philosophy and business vision, we will promote corporate activities in consideration of the environment, society, and governance in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment and the health and enrichment of the lives of people around the world.


With consideration for a sustainable global environment, each of our brands and group companies are taking actions to solve environmental and social issues through their business activities.

Water resourcesaving effect
(Fine Bubble Shower)

Installing a shower head with a function that generates fine bubbles can lead to water savings of up to 49% and contribute to the conservation of water resources through the use of the product.

*When using ReFa FINE BUBBLE U mist mode

As a member of the Fine Bubble Industry Association (FBIA), we have contributed to the recognition of fine bubble technology by actively disseminating information. We have also established a website to promote the possibilities and appeal of fine bubble technology, with the hope of contributing to the realization of a more vibrant life. In addition to developing products that utilize this technology, we are actively disseminating information through this website.


“ReFa FINE BUBBLE U" is a product certified by the Fine Bubble Industry Association (FBIA) in
conformance with the criteria of its product certification and registration system.

“FINE BUBBLE", "ULTRA FINE BUBBLE", "FINE BUBBLE" and the "FBIA" logo are registered trademarks of the Fine Bubble Industry Association (FBIA). Fine bubble technology is an advanced technology that the FBIA is promoting.

*For more information on the performance of Fine Bubble, please refer to the official ReFa brand website.

Environmental ProtectionUpcycling (ON&DO)

With the desire to "reduce environmental impact and deliver products that truly enrich people's lives," we have implemented product development with environmental considerations in mind, and use FSC-certified paper for the cosmetic boxes. Some cosmetic boxes are designed to be assembled without using glue. Although there are many items, we are trying to reduce waste as much as possible by sharing molds and parts. Some containers use a bottle structure (refill) and are designed to be used over and over again. We also collect and upcycle containers. By recycling used containers as a resource, we are able to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible, while upcycling them into other products with new value added.

*The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization that certifies the world's forests that produce timber and the distribution and processing processes of timber harvested from those forests.

Product developmentto protect nature and preserve nature
(Goto no Tsubaki)

A producer who runs a fish brokerage business in Gotō City, Nagasaki Prefecture, developed "Gotō no Hishio" from his wish to "protect the sea of Gotō." He used unused fish that cannot be sold in the market due to their poor quality or lack of value, such as sea bream, and nizadai, which are said to be the cause of iso-yaki (rocky shores).
The Goto Islands are famous throughout Japan for their rich fishing grounds, but they are also faced with problems such as decreasing catches due to "iso-yaki" (rocky shore burning) and lack of successors for fishermen.

磯焼けの海底 正常な海底


We are constantly developing our brand, products, and product improvements to contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy. In terms of human capital, we are working to create a vibrant and open organization and an environment that encourages creativity and growth in order to realize "One shines" and the material and spiritual enrichment of all employees.

Health ManagementExtending Healthy Life Expectancy

SIXPAD products, which started out as home-use training equipment using EMS technology and whose main users were men in their 30s and 40s, have been redesigned from the ground up to help people stay healthy in the "100-year life age.
We believe that muscle training and habituation are important to realize a richer and healthier life in the 100-year age, and we have developed the Foot Fit series to train the leg muscles used for walking while sitting, and the Foot Fit series to train the leg muscles used for walking while sitting, as health equipment that many people would like to use. The company has also developed the Health Grip, which can be twisted with a force of approximately 30% to provide exercise for blood pressure control. The company is also expanding into social participation services that contribute to health promotion as a project to prevent nursing care for the elderly by utilizing social impact bonds from local governments. It has been certified as a mechanical device that aims to improve people's health, beauty, and QOL (quality of life). (Some products)

traditional cultureContribute to the development of traditional culture and traditional crafts

With the project mission of "transmitting to the world the skills of professionals who weave Japanese traditions," we have launched a series of products that fuse ReFa with the "skills of professionals" who have been weaving Japanese culture and traditions for hundreds of years.
By collaborating with craftsmen's techniques such as "lacquer painting," "mother-of-pearl inlay," "casting," and "woodworking," which are representative of Japan's traditional crafts, the value of "beauty" unique to Japan is transmitted. We are developing products that allow customers to experience the "luxury of having traditional techniques integrated into their daily lives.

local revitalizationAdopted for local revitalization hometown tax payment

MTG products have been adopted as Nagoya City's hometown tax return gift from August 2022. As a manufacturer founded and headquartered in Nagoya, MTG is committed to contributing to the city of Nagoya through the adoption of its products for tax returns, as well as delivering VITAL products from our hometown Nagoya to people all over Japan and promoting the appeal of Nagoya City. In addition, the products of our group company "Tsubaki of Goto Co. We are also contributing to Goto City by adopting the products of Goto Tsubaki Co., Ltd. and are trying to promote the charm of the Goto Islands, which in turn will lead to the revitalization of the region.

Regional revitalizationRegional revitalization through the camellia business in Gotō

Our group company, Goto Camellia Co., Ltd. is developing business using the Goto camellia, which has been growing wild on the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture since ancient times. The company develops products using not only flowers and seeds, which are harvested only once a year, but also leaves, branches, pericarp, and "Goto Camellia Yeast" extracted from camellia flowers. In addition, we conduct research and surveys on all aspects of the history and culture of the Goto Islands, with the aim of discovering the hidden power of the Goto Islands and creating new business opportunities.
In the depopulated and aging Goto Islands, we will continue to support the revitalization of the entire archipelago byincreasing the value of Goto's camellias and making them widely known, thereby attracting UI-turners and increasing employment.

Human CapitalHuman Resource Development Policy

In order to achieve sustainable high growth and high profitability, we encourage the growth of each and every employee by considering training and practical opportunities as two wheels of growth promotion. In particular, we have implemented various measures with emphasis on developing management personnel, improving management skills, and raising the level of competence of all employees.

“Group Leaders studies"
to develop true leaders

Based on the belief that the development of management personnel is important for the sustainable growth and development of our group, this study session was started in 2019 and will be implemented over three levels in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011. Opportunities will be provided to improve leadership insight.
In the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011, 31 sessions were held.

Leadership skills are tested at the
"Kickoff party" and "Performance Review Meetings".

Once a year, a kick-off meeting is held for leaders to announce their own business and organizational management policies, and monthly review meetings are held to examine business profitability and other issues as a result of their practical efforts. These meetings provide an opportunity to receive practical management guidance from the executives, based on the actual situation of each department, and through these efforts, the leaders are encouraged to be aware of their own self-awareness and to grow as leaders.

Fostering a sense of unity, spirit, and culture in the organization
"Hikari Philosophy Mutual Education Meeting"
"Management Policy Presentation Meeting"

”Hikari Philosophy Co-Education Society" aims to foster a sense of unity, spirit, and culture within the organization. Through regular events such as the "Management Policy Presentation Meeting" and the "Hikari Philosophy Sharing Meeting," all employees, regardless of employment status, have the opportunity to discuss and enhance our group philosophy, which serves as a code of conduct for striving towards a better life. In the fiscal year ending September 2023, these events were held 125 times. The "Management Policy Presentation Meeting" is held twice a year with the purpose of fostering organizational unity and aligning the vectors of all employees.


Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

Based on our corporate philosophy "One shines, We shine, All shines." we are working to ensure transparency and fairness in decision-making and to strengthen corporate governance as one of the most important issues in corporate management, in order to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term.

Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

The Company has implemented all the basic principles of the Corporate Governance Code. For
details, please refer to theCorporate Governance Report.

Corporate Governance Structure

The ratio of independent outside directors is 57% (4 out of 7), which is the majority, and we have invited people with experience as executives of listed companies. We are further strengthening our governance capabilities.