MTG frequently collaborates with industrial, academic and governmental partners for new research and development projects.


Partnering with academic institutions to ensure product safety

Producing superior products requires the highest level of technological expertise.
This is why MTG chooses to partner with university research centers,
whose faculty members facilitate not only superior functionality, but rigorous product safety measures.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with corporations to accelerate product evolution

MTG ventures to further enhance the quality and functionality of our products by drawing on the strength of our corporate partners,
whose technologies serve to strengthen our own.


Joint development with experts to achieve authenticity

MTG’s method of achieving authenticity involves the joint development of new products with athletes,
artists and other prominent figures who are experts in their field.
By capitalizing on their expertise in this manner, we learn precisely what to improve during the development phase in order to deliver an authentic and original product to our consumers.

Authentic Ingredients

Products inspired by climate and culture

MTG products tend to feature ingredients that can only be generated in a particular region and climate, such as water from Mount Fuji or volcanic clay from Montecatini, Italy. Our philosophy of pursuing authenticity at any cost feeds into our ideals of regional protection and revitalization.

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