By putting beautiful design at the heart of all our products,
MTG will develop new businesses and a new culture.
Our value comes from creating products that you just can't find anywhere else.
That is where all of our dreams begin.


The Aesthetics of Evolving Ideas

Sometimes products are created from scratch,
and sometimes they come from a fusion of existing ideas.
But MTG doesn't stop at ideas.
We take those ideas and develop them into businesses.


Creating Authenticity and Functionality

Creating Authenticity and Functionality MTG brings shape to its infinity of ideas through
careful planning of functionality, price, and time of launch. Thanks to our ceaseless pursuit of
functionality, we are able to provide our customers with authentic products that actually
work – and surpass all expectation.

Design That Lifts the Spirit

MTG believes that all products must have an outstanding design worthy of the functionality made possible by our technological advances. Through trial and error, we arrive at product designs that not only serve a purpose, but lift the spirit.

Creation of New Businesses

An organization that gives shape to ideas

MTG strives to create a multifaceted range of new businesses
in order to diversify its holdings.
By gaining inspiration from the difficulties encountered along the way,
MTG has earned a reputation for being an organization that develops robust new businesses.

Imagining a New Culture

A truly unique culture breeds a new way of life

Through new ways of thinking and breakthrough products,
MTG endeavors to inform new lifestyles that will eventually be adopted as part of a new popular culture.
MTG recognizes its unique ability to apply new approaches to existing fields,
as we did when we began creating high-tech devices for the beauty and wellness category.