Anti-counterfeiting measures(模倣品に対する取り組み)

To Protect Our Customers from Health Hazards Posed by Counterfeits

With the rapid globalization of E-commerce, recent years have witnessed damages caused by counterfeits spreading via the Internet on the global level where the deceptions are becoming more cunning and malicious.

Counterfeits can potentially compromise our customers’ health due to poor quality as well as cost our potential markets and damage our brand image.

MTG will continue our commitment to our worldwide activities with the goal of eradicating counterfeits from the global market in line with our no-tolerance policy for counterfeits to protect our customers from health hazards posed by such ill-engineered counterfeits and deliver safe and reliable products to our customers.

President Tsuyoshi Matsushita
MTG’s anti-counterfeiting approach through persistent fighting against the counterfeiters
Types of counterfeit
Raid, confiscation, and litigation examples

Cautions against Counterfeits


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FAQ and Inquiries

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