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Regarding the occurrence of counterfeit ReFa HEART BRUSH products
Counterfeit product
In May 2023, we discovered that a copy of "ReFa HEART BRUSH," which is very similar in shape to the product itself, is being sold on the Internet. This copy is a malicious one (dead copy) that is very difficult to distinguish from the original, as it is an elaborate copy not only in the shape of the product itself, but also in the packaging and instruction manual.

As a result of our performance check of the copied product, we found that the specifications and quality of the product were different from those of the genuine product, such as hard brush pins, tight fit between the cover and brush body, burrs on the edge of the brush body, and so on.

We are concerned that the use of such copies may cause health hazards such as scalp damage or injury due to burrs protruding from the product.

We have been taking firm legal action, including civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions, against malicious companies that handle such copied products, and we are now in the process of taking action against these copied products as well.

We have confirmed that such copied products are now being sold not only on e-commerce sites, but also via social networking services.
We have also confirmed sales on flea market sites. Characteristics of sellers of counterfeit goods on flea market sites include selling many of the same items (new items) repeatedly, selling at low prices, and providing unnatural descriptions of the items.
From the viewpoint of preventing damage, we request that customers purchase from authorized online stores or authorized distributors.

MTG authorized online store: