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Murata and SIXPAD collaborate.
Launch of the new "SIXPAD Health Grip,"
which enables "twisting exercise" for blood pressure control.
MTG Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Tsuyoshi Matsushita), in cooperation with Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Headquartered in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, President: Norio Nakajima), will release the "SIXPAD Health Grip" on June 9, 2023 (Friday).
The product is equipped with Murata's transparent piezoelectric film sensor "Picoleaf ™" that detects twisting at the center of the grip, and is designed to change LED light according to the strength of the twisting force. 3 minutes of twisting exercise once a day will support a healthy body.
Collaboration Background
Blood pressure control is one of the social issues that many people in Japan face. The concept of this product, "two-handed torsion exercise for blood pressure control," was born from a plan to commercialize the method of exercise proposed by Professor Sudo of Kokushikan University, who has long studied blood pressure changes when exercising in water, using Murata's proprietary "Picoleaf™" technology.
This collaboration was made possible by SIXPAD, which has a proven track record in the development of training equipment for general consumers and has recently been focusing on the development of healthcare products, providing its expertise in product commercialization.
With SIXPAD in charge of design and branding, the product will be introduced to the market as a product that matches the needs of people who want to take positive measures for their health.
Through the collaboration between the two companies, we aim to realize a society in which as many people as possible can take positive measures against blood pressure and live healthy everyday with peace of mind and a smile.
Equipped with Picoleaf™ piezoelectric film sensor that detects twisting force
Picoleaf™, created with Murata's proprietary technology, is the world's first transparent piezoelectric film sensor that can detect twisting force. It features high sensitivity to detect even the slightest deformation and a flexible structure that can be installed in curved shapes, even in space-saving locations. Picoleaf™ is made of plant-derived polylactic acid (raw material: starch), which is rare for electronic components. It is a sustainable material that does not increase the total amount of carbon dioxide, which is considered a cause of global warming, and contributes to a carbon-neutral society.
Continuity is the key to "blood pressure control"

Akiharu Sudo
Professor, Graduate School of Kokushikan University
Master of Physical Education, Doctor of Medicine
Director, Japan Swimming Club Association
"Exercise" is one of the best ways to prevent blood pressure. "Exercise" does not require high-impact aerobic exercise or exercise that requires a constant workout load; simply performing torsion exercises for about 3 minutes once a day is sufficient. What is important here is "precise force" and "continuity". It is not enough to train for a long time with a lot of force, but it is important to perform torsion exercises for blood pressure control with approximately 30% of your maximum muscle strength and to do them steadily and continuously every day.

We want to provide health equipment that allows anyone to exercise continuously and without strain. The "SIXPAD Health Grip" was developed with this in mind. The highly sensitive sensor accurately measures your own twisting force and enables you to perform torsion exercises to prevent blood pressure. The Health Grip glows to indicate the force of about 30%, allowing you to exercise rhythmically and at a good tempo. Stress-free use is the first step toward "continuity" in daily exercise.
Product Features
Twisting exercise can be easily performed in just 3 minutes once a day. The transparent piezoelectric film sensor "Picoleaf ™" in the center detects the twisting force, and the color of the LED changes according to the strength of the force.
1. once a day, you can do torsion exercises for blood pressure control
By holding and twisting this product with both hands, you can perform a twisting exercise with approximately 30% of your maximum muscle strength.
Gripping and twisting compresses the blood vessels in the arm muscles, and loosening the product loosens the compressed blood vessels along with the muscles, and repeating this action activates blood flow.
2. piezoelectric film sensor
"Picoleaf™" that detects twisting force and indicates the appropriate degree of force by color
The piezoelectric film sensor "Picoleaf ™" detects the force of twisting, and the color of the LED changes according to the strength of the force.
How to use
Prepare the "SIXPAD Health Grip" and the "User's Guide" included with the product.
  1. 1. Hold the product with both hands and twist slowly and forcefully.
  2. 2. Check the color of the "Twisting Force Map" in the "User's Guide" to confirm the color of the product when it is twisted with full force.
    Check the color of the training guideline on the "Twisting Force Map" based on when the product is twisted with full force, and twist the product while adjusting the force so that the color of the training guideline is reached.
  3. 3. repeat the twisting and loosening motions 60 times alternately at a pace of once per second (about 1 minute).
  4. 4. rest for 1 minute.
  5. 5. hold the product again and repeat the twisting and loosening motions 60 times alternately at a pace of once per second (about 1 minute).

*Please train once a day.

Product Overview
Product Name :SIXPAD Health Grip
Price : 18,700 yen including tax
Release Date : June 9, 2023
Size : Approx. 35mm x 370mm
Body Weight : Approx. 230g (excluding batteries)
SIXPAD's goal is to contribute to the fields of sports & fitness, health care and medicine so that as many of our customers as possible can lead healthy, beautiful and vibrant lives.
The core technology of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is the proprietary CMM Pulse technology, which combines safety first and foremost with proper sensation and training effect. The CMM Pulse technology is the core technology of SIXPAD and is used in all of its EMS products. Currently, cumulative shipments of the EMS series have exceeded 3 million units (SIXPAD EMS series results from May 2015 to January 2022).

*This product does not have an EMS function.