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Combining Evidence, Experience, and Design
New Series of Chair Type "Style Wellness Chair" Launched
MTG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; President: Tsuyoshi Matsushita) announces the release of the "Style Wellness Chair" from its "Style" posture support brand on May 20, 2022.
■ Development Background
The increasing demand for a more fulfilling time at home has recently led to a growing interest in interior design.
In particular, an increasing number of companies are adopting "telecommuting," or working from home, and many people are rethinking their chairs as they spend more time sitting at home.
The "Style Wellness Chair" is not only well-designed, but also has the "Style" brand's concept of "reducing the burden on the lower back and guiding the user to an ideal posture. The "Style" brand has developed this new chair based on the same features that have been incorporated into its products up to now.
We hope to contribute to the health and quality of life of many people by introducing the "Style Wellness Chair" into their daily lives, which has solid evidence that it reduces fatigue even after long hours of sitting, is comfortable as a chair, and has a beautiful design unique to the Style brand. We hope to contribute to the health and quality of life of as many people as possible.

Evidence (scientific basis) x Experience (seating comfort) x Design (appearance)
■ Evidence
Comparison of muscle activity while seated in a chair
The "Style Wellness Chair" reduces the amount of activity of the muscles supporting the spine and armpits, which tend to become active when seated in a chair.

* Subject: Male in his 20s, height 174 cm
* Results of analysis using the "AnyBody Modeling System" by Terabyte Inc.
* Effects may vary depending on the individual.
■ Common Features
Ergonomics x Chiropractic practitioner (chiropractor). Our unique "ergopractor technology"* leads to "health" through correct posture.
Point1 Stand up
The forward inclined seat surface keeps the body's center of gravity forward.
This leads to an ideal posture in which the pelvis stands upright.
Point2 Support
By firmly supporting the lower back from both sides, it keeps the pelvis in a stable position.
the pelvis is kept in a stable position.
Point3 Distribute
The shape that fits the body prevents backward tilting of the pelvis and left-right swaying while preventing pressure on the muscles.
What is "ergo-practor technology"?
"ergo-practor technology" is a term coined by combining ergonomics and chiropractor.
The unique structure developed based on ergonomics, which supports people's safety, security, comfort, and health, is combined with the methods of chiropractors, who pursue the root causes of body distortion, correct the pelvis and other parts of the body, and adjust the overall balance of the body. It supports the "S-shape posture," an ideal posture care in which the spine forms an S-shape curve by "standing," "supporting," and "dispersing. It realizes full-fledged posture care.
■ Product Overview
"Stand" and "support" the pelvis, and "disperse" body pressure
Standard type incorporating "erg-practor technology"
Product name: Style Chair ST
Price: 27,000 yen including tax (24,545 yen without tax)
Release date: May 20, 2022
The high backrest distributes body pressure over a wide area for a comfortable and spacious seating experience.
Product name: Style Chair EL
Price: 37,000 yen including tax (33,636 yen without tax)
Release date: May 20, 2022
Two types of urethanes, soft urethane (low rebound) and hard urethane (high rebound), wrap around the lower back.
Product name: Style Chair PM
Price: 43,000 yen including tax (39,091 yen without tax)
Release date: May 20, 2022
Prevents the pelvis from sliding forward and Ideal angle between back and seat surface for stability.
Product name: Style Chair DC
Price: 49,000 yen including tax (44,545 yen without tax)
Release date: May 20, 2022
■ About "Style"
"Style" is a posture support brand developed from a chiropractic perspective to guide people to their inherently correct posture, based on the brand vision that "correct posture makes a person".
Launched in 2014, we have expanded our product lineup to suit the lifestyles of both children and adults.
We have developed ergonomically designed products that are easy to use and effective for people with various bone structures and body shapes.
Currently, the series is available in Japan and overseas, with cumulative shipments exceeding 3 million units*. It has grown to become a leading brand in the posture support market.
We will continue to verify the effects of "correct posture" and utilize customer feedback in product development, aiming to become a wellness brand that is supported by more and more people.

*Cumulative shipments of "Style" brand products (May 2014 to end of February 2021), according to our own research.

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