MTG Philosophy

Company Philosophy

One shine, We shine, All shine
One shine: employees and the company

MTG places its greatest value on the happiness and wellbeing of employees. We at MTG, believe that our continual growth is due to our employees, each and everyone with their own individual aspirations, dreams and desire to reach their potential. And in sharing our employees’ joys and sorrows, the company has and will continue to unite even through thick and thin, with working relationships based on trust.

We shine: partners and customers

We will create and deliver pioneering, innovative products and services with our partners, who work together with us for mutual enhancement and growth. Our wish is to enrich our customers' lives by surpassing their expectations and leaving strong impressions on them.

All shine: industry and society

Accordingly, we will contribute extensively to local communities and industries, for the betterment of society.

Business Philosophy

Innovate and Inspire
Given the themes of “Beauty and Wellness”, we are creating a business that breaks down conventional ways of thinking and enriches lives of people around the world, by empowering them through inner and outer beauty.

Employee Philosophy

Management by All
With the mindset of “Every day is a new beginning”, employees take part in management, therefore the company works united via competition and collaboration, as we continue to take on challenges of infinite possibilities.